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CHAT: Arabic translation?

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, July 30, 2000, 14:20
I was listening to a song by a Latin American Singer named Shakira. In the
song (Ojos Asi), there is what seems like Arabic mixed in with the Spanish
lyrics (The song has a strong Middle Eastern feel to it). Anyway, I'm
wondering what these lyrics mean (These were taken from a page with the
lyrics of the song):

Rabboussamai fikarrajaii
fi ainaiha aralhayati
ati ilaika min haza ikaaouni
arjouka labbi labbi nidai

Anyway those are the lyrics. Hopefully someone here can shed light upon it

BTW, i've fallen in love with the music of a group called Alabina.
Wonderful blend of Spanish and Arabic lyrics as well as Middle Eastern
music and flamenco.




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