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Concalendars (< Holiday greetings)

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Date:Thursday, December 25, 2008, 14:49
> [] On Behalf Of Roger Mills
> all and sundry. > > At Noon EST tomorrow, 25 Dec. 2008, on Cindu it will be > approx. 10:44 (44 mins past midday), imbar 26 çupromés 757 > p.v.-- 5th day of the week, an ordinary working day, of the > 11th month (of 16); mid-"autumn" but probably still warm, > perhaps beginning to rain, in the tropics where my Kash > people live (what's the weather like in Australia in, say, > late October? Their island is at roughly the same position.......)
I've been contemplating a new calendar for Deini. I'm thinking about making the new year start on the Winter solstice, but can't decide on what to make year 1. Being a personal language, I think it should coincide roughly with my birth or maybe conception, but should year 1 be the year I was born, the year before, or the year after? I'm thinking the year should be broken into four seasons with the days numbered 1-~91. At some point I'll have to insert a leap day, and I may declare that some sort of special holiday. There is still a seven-day week though I already have new names for each day.


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