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More script stuff

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 27, 2001, 19:22
As you all know i've been working on a new Saalangal script. Well, this
time i've figured out how they'd write it in day to day correspondance,
notes, letters, etc. The example i gave was the "printed" type. I've been
practicing writing things out in it by hand, and there are some very basic
differences. I dont have access to a scanner at the moment, but will scan
a copy of the handwritten script.

The small differences are:

- Less "perfect" form (naturally ;)
- Some strokes have been simplified, such as the glyph for "ya" which is a
simple arch with an ending loop, to keep it from possibly being confused
with "ga".
- The diacritic for "ey" /ej/ is shaped something like a capital L (the
lowest stroke angles up a bit)
- the diacritic for /e/ is a simple curved stroke (something like a
backwards c)
- the diacritic for /u/ is shaped like the letter c.
- the diacritic for "ay" /aj/ is shaped like a very small 3
- The side diacritic for "aw" /au/ is much like a reversed "mim" (the
arabic letter)
- The diacritic for "oy" /oj/ has a straight stem, while the "printed"
form has a slight curve where the stem meets the curved ascender.

Here's the link to the script, so you can get a picture of the differences:

I'm quite happy with it, it still looks very nice when written quickly
(and i dont write very nicely when I write fast :)). I suppose in
"capable" hands it can look like chicken scratch, but the Saalangal are
fairly careful when writing (even fast), to avoid confusion (it's not a
script that you can write very messily in and be easily understood).

Again, i'll have something scanned in soon, i just need to get to the
computer lab on campus.

See you, Space Cowboy...