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From:Matt McLauchlin <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Sunday, September 10, 2000, 14:12
> >ObConLang: How is "intelligence" represented in y'all's > >conlangs/concultures? The Qenaren tend to look at talent in specific > >areas rather than having a sort of "general g" theory.
The Shrislia account six of what we might call “mindskills” or “humanist virtues” (siur’tespaja), which they believe should be held in “wisdom-bringing balance” (t’sosk maucam). They are these: nuid: common sense; a keen grasp of the obvious nart: creativity; non-ossification of mental processes, the ability to consider new courses of action pruïnd: ethics; consideration for the impact of one’s actions on others zaund: intuition; a connection to one’s innate knowledge, instincts, and hunches bren: memory; recognition that the past contains evidence of how the future will be ðeug: reason; the ability to process available facts into theories, and the flexible ability to abandon these theories if contradictory facts emerge This list is quite old, and emerges in diverse locations in their culture, such as elemental correspondences, correspondences to their system of government and their old estate system, and even the days of the week. Oddly enough, when cultural exchange first started between Tenja and Terra, Shrislia philosophers were startled to discover that their system of mindskills was quite closely approached by a kanadás philosopher called Idjon Rálston Sal, in his books “Ocajaja Bolteres” (“The spawn of Bolter”), “Ézir Nózurardas” (“Friend of the one who doubts”), “Lya sirimand” (“The sleeping people”), and “Moza lyen’sausiras” (“Thoughts of a conjoined twin”), which have recently come out in translated editions in finer lyocateka everywhere. _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at Share information about yourself, create your own public profile at