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CONLANG Digest - 8 Sep 2000

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Sunday, September 10, 2000, 14:19
> From: Jonathan Chang <Zhang2323@...> > Subject: Re: Greenberg's universals > > >"Language Universals & Linguistic Typology" by Bernard Comire is very > >good. The drawback to it (IMHO) is that it only deals with grammar. > >William Croft's book "Typology and Universals" deals with almost > >every aspect of language (phonology, grammar, semantics, diachrony,
> > An excellent book - I highly recommend it. > > As others have, I HIGHLY recommend Thomas E. Payne's _Describing > Morphosyntax: A Guide for Field Linguists_. I just got me copy this week & > the bloomin' bookspine is already cracking...
*Muke kicks his lousy university library, the local library with all its romance novels, and the local bookstores as well for good measure* Rrrr. One thing I don't like about this place is the impossibility of finding decent books in these things. (I did, however, get a decent-looking Latin book the other day--wanted Greek but they didn't have any...) Maybe 'ventually I'll be able to get to ordering books on-line.
> From: Jonathan Chang <Zhang2323@...> > Subject: send Bigbabytalk sample > > czHANg forgot sample > sample send now > czHANg amuse ConLanglist
[snip] Reminds me of talking to the Norns in the game Creatures (1/2/3/...). Kijani eat fruit Kijani very hungry, eat food push fruit yes Kijani extremely hungry Kijani run cliff edge run cliff edge no (Creatures is one of those big alife sims, you have to teach them the words if you want to understand them at all... If you don't teach them, or if they forget, they'll start coming out with junk like 'eem flib dis' and stuff.) *Muke!