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Re: New Script for Ok (Edh coo zoo oc)

From:JS Bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 18, 2002, 19:24
Christophe Grandsire sikyal:

> En réponse à Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>: > > > > > Ah, then you have not seen Oriya's script, which has been > > described (quite > > accurately, IMO) as a "parade of bald heads." > > > > :Peter > > > > Or Burmese (, which is in my > opinion the champion of circleness ;))) (and you should look closely at how > they write some vowels - it's an abugida -, especially the o-macron. To write > it on a consonant, you have to add a sign before the consonant, a sign after > the consonant and a diacritic over the consonant!).
Circles indeed. Wow--I just bookmarked this site, so that I can use it to stare at all of those glorious scripts and come up with ideas for my own. Absolutely amazing. But what's so odd about writing a vowel before, above, and after the consonant? It seems like half of the vowels in Thai are written that way. Jesse S. Bangs "If you look at a thing nine hundred and ninety-nine times, you are perfectly safe; if you look at it the thousandth time, you are in frightful danger of seeing it for the first time." --G.K. Chesterton


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