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[vIlkesalo] thanks you

From:Tero Vilkesalo <teronpostilaatikko@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 14:25

Thanks for warmly welcoming me on the list. This might just be one the most
friendly lists there is.

And about my surname... I'm not comfortable with those marks you use, but
I've got a feeling that [vilkesalo] with an accent on the first syllable is
the way it should be pronounced. The name is actually a compound word, I'll
describe you what it means after I've consulted dictionaries thoroughly.
There is a tiny little pause between 'vilke' and 'salo'. That's a funny
thing in Finnish: you don't have that same pause if the vowel 'e' was
replaced with a, i, o or u. Because of that natural pause the 's' should be
lengthened a tiny bit as well. But don't worry about that... : ) I cannot
describe this effect accurately because I lack some basic knowledge about
linguistics, as it seems.

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