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R: Q & X

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 14:03
Hi Tero! Welcome!

I'm happy to see you've given up lurking.

For our private mail, please wait... I'm far too busy in these days :

I think I'll write you back on Sunday.

Welcome again,


> Hi to all! > > I am new on the list. I followed your discussion here a little in the
> and then again in december. This really is a most interesting forum! > > My name is Tero Vilkesalo and I am a 20-year-old boy from Helsinki,
> It's been interesting to see how the Finnish language is being mentioned > here. If I have understood right, many think it's "cool" (in many
> at least Tolkien who was influenced by it. If anybody of you wants to know > something about Finnish beyond the material you've got, I'll be happy to > help. > > You can say I'm "bitten by the conlang bug". But I like many kinds of > creative work. Currently, and probably in the future as well, my primary > interest will be composing music, art music that is. I am a composition > student in the Sibelius Academy, which is the only music university in > Finland. That means somewhere in the future I might well be composing for > living. (That IS possible, at least in Finland, for the most
> > Anyway, I use reduced amount time to conlanging. I use this hotmail box
> for this list and I read it once or twice a week. (But perhaps more often
> the following days...) For any personal messages the address > should be used. > > There's not much to tell you about my conlang attempts. I'll tell you
> them as they make progress. > > BTW, has anybody of you changed your surname and invented the new name > yourself? I have. However, the reason was simple: I wasn't really grown up > to my former surname, which was Kukkonen. Kukko means 'rooster' or 'cock' > (only the animal!!) in Finnish. -nen is the a very common ending in > surnames. My new surname, Vilkesalo, is purely Finnish as well, just like
> roots. I did have a thought of how foreign people would pronounce it. This > surname really didn't seem too difficult. Or what do you say? > > Something about articles... If I would ask you anything, it would probably > be "should I try use the articles even if I couldn't care less?" After > having studied German 10 years I know remembering which of them should be > used with different words is not the simplest task! OK, I could of course > use the system of the language which I'm currently using. But I really > haven't been interested in messing up with them... > > And now to a real question. Which sounds do you write with the letter Q or
> in your a priori conlangs with Latin alphabet? What different sounds do
> reflect in those languages of the world that use Latin alphabet? (What is
> in Greenlandic???) > > Q and X seem to me as some unused corners of the keyboard. We never use
> in Finnish, you know. We have ks for the x sound. It would be most > unattractive for me to use them in their historical ways. So in one of my > sketches Q was used for the deep throat sound, which is J in Spanish. (J > was, of course, used for something else.) X was used for the sh-sound.
> not familiar with the correct marks yet...) I know this is used in Catalan > and somewhere in Latin America at least. The reason? Convenience. > Furthermore, they look neater than those kh and sh. (Kh weirdly always > brings to my mind Tolkien's orc language...) > > Happy to enter this community of language freaks. : ) > > Cheers, > > Tero > _________________________________________________________________________ > Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at >