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new Tunu discoveries

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 7, 1999, 18:45
From Http://Members.Aol.Com/Lassailly/Tunuframe.Html wrote:
> > this is a newtunu translation of "a child's exercise"
[snipped here, subject changed]
> tunu words are CVCV generated by Charles > with a e i o u k l s n t ch m p.
All I did was relex by algorithm, but that was a lot of fun. Writing a little Perl script allows any arbitrary thing desired; like, any animal word should have a Z in it, or somesuchthing.
> that's why they sound strange. we still have to > skim the very ugly ones (i know : they're all ugly - > but there are ones that sound less ugly than > the uglier ones).
I beg your pardon!? Translate this: "We will gather some kindling wood." (This can have only one implication.) "Take him to the pot and seat him ha-ha." (This can be used in 3 ways.)
> so we can write tunu with kanjis too and show off > pretty cool ! > was no piece of cake cause kanjis are so fuzzy.
It requires some actual knowledge of Japanese, I agree. You can do that, but many others have tried and failed.