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Re : TRANS: a child's exercise

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Date:Tuesday, September 7, 1999, 13:52
this is a newtunu translation of "a child's exercise"

(grammar "le tunu sans peine" is in the end of post)

tunu words are CVCV generated by Charles
with a e i o u k l s n t ch m p.
that's why they sound strange. we still have to
skim the very ugly ones (i know : they're all ugly -
but there are ones that sound less ugly than=20
the uglier ones).
each of them matches a kanji i've selected
to represent a concept (around 1350 essential
concepts so far from "arrival" to "banana" via "taxation")
so we can write tunu with kanjis too and show off
pretty cool !
was no piece of cake cause kanjis are so fuzzy.

> 'A boat journey'
cheku sichonang cheku sicho-na-ng travel boat-for-it ("it" =3D travel)
> 'As a gift for my ten-year [birthday],'
kosa e sochu nawang tasi yang tata wa kali koni kise kosa e sochu na-wa-ng tasi ya-ng tata wa kali koni kise opportunity that commemoration of-the birth of me TOP ten year already
> 'my dad set up a journey to amuse me.'
papa yang tata tachakai e papa ya-ng tata tacha-ka-i e father of me present-by-him that titi nechikai cheku mimakai tata. titi nechi-ka-i cheku mima-ka-i tata. he prepare-by-him travel entertain-by-it me.
> 'We went in one of our fishing boats.'
titi tata sila misetai pisa sicho nawang poli yang titi tata. titi tata sila mise-ta-i pisa sicho na-wa-ng poli ya-ng titi tata. he me two embark-by-us one boat of-the fishing of he me.
> 'On the boat there were about ten men'
o mochi mise sicho wa moto poso kali lele the_one_who accompany embark boat TOP men quasi ten all
> 'who kept throwing nets into the sea.'=20
ya tochu potukai sonu nilo mali. ya tochu potu-ka-i sonu mali susu. who keep throw-by-them net dive sea.
> 'Then they pulled the nets, that had become full of fish.'
susu wa titi nilakai sonu ya lini keso u. susu wa titi nila-ka-i sonu ya lini keso u. then TOP they pull-by-them net that fish fill it.
> 'They sweated/were sweating a lot.'
titi sasenai toma. titi sase-na-i toma. they sweat-of-them big.=20
> 'Dad's shadow-maker blew wind at us,' =20
yokipokang ya sawa papa wa tosi lamotai kau. yo-kipo-ka-ng ya sawa papa wa tosi lamo-ta-i ka-u. who-shadow-by-him who for father TOP wind blow-by-it by-him.
> 'but there was no shadow-maker for the men of the nets.'=20
=F1amuli we yopotukangasonu wa =F1a-muli w-e yo-potu-ka-ng-a-sonu wa un-conform TOP-that who-throw-by-him-the-net TOP nene yokipokang sau. nene yo-kipo-ka-ng sa-u. no who-shadow-by-him for-them.
> 'Since they were hot, they were happy after a cool wave had hit [them].'
titi sala muni taputai e titi sala muni tapu-ta-i e they feel hot cause-by-it that we meku ya =F1amuni wa tiche titi wa lae w-e meku ya =F1a-muni wa tiche titi wa la-e TOP-fact_that wave that un-hot TOP hit them TOP into-that titi lisi u. they enjoy it.
> 'But then a black cloud appeared,'
=F1a-nepi w-e chesa ya chose wa nute kasu=20 un-favour TOP-that cloud that dark TOP appear come
> '[and] at once they pulled the nets without fish,'
susu wa titi potukai sonu keke susu wa titi potu-ka-i sonu keke then_in_past TOP they throw-by-them net every musetai susu wa nene tepo lini. muse-ta-i susu wa nene tepo lini. simultaneous-of-it then TOP no contain fish.
> '[and] rowed hard towards the harbor. Finally we got off in the dock.'
susu wa titi choni nuputai tumi kile. susu wa titi choni nupu-ta-i tumi kile. then_in_past TOP they row effort-by-them go_to harbour. pela wa titi tata =F1a-mise sicho kepi nape. conclusion TOP they me un-embark boat get_on quay.
> 'Right at that time, it [began] raining [and] thundering.=20
muse susu wa kate kino nicha tusi. simultaneous then TOP start rain add thunder.
> My dad didn't like it.'
papa yang tata wa =F1a-pimu nini. father of me TOP un-like it.
> 'but since I was hot, I liked it a lot.'
sapa w-e kino muni wa la-e tata pimu u. opposite TOP-that rain hot TOP into-that i like it. =20
> --Pablo Flores
mathias TUNU GRAMMAR WORD ORDER topic WA comment =3D as for (topic), it/she/he (comment) noun YA clause WA =3D the (noun) who (clause) (W)E clause WA =3D the fact that (clause) (W)O clause WA =3D the one who (clause) YE...NG : noun of action/state YO...NG : noun of agent [-i] refers to head of (ad)verb (subject/clause) man fishing-ta-i =3D man fishing-by-him =3D the man fishes [-u] refers to the topic man wa fish fishing-i ta-u =3D man TOP fish fished by-him CONSTRUCT WORDS in construct words [(a)ng] substitutes for -i and -u and refers to the head of the compound : man fishing-ta-i =3D man fishing-by-him =3D the man fishes man fishing-ta-ng =3D man fishing-by-him =3D the fisher-man man fishing-ta-ng-a-fish =3D man fishing-by-him-fish =3D the fish-fisher-man (-a- attaches an object to a compound) fish fishing-i =3D fish fishing-it =3D the fish is fished fish fishing-(a)ng =3D fish fishing-it =3D the fished-fish fish man-fishing-ta-i-ang =3D fish man-fishing-by-him-it =3D the man-fished-= fish (ta-i-ang is better than ta-ng-ang) fishing tawa man =3D fishing by man fishing tawang man =3D (done)-by-man-fishing