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IALs was Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Friday, January 17, 2003, 1:26
--- Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...> wrote:
> Christopher Wright wrote:
> > ...but we try to avoid international > > auxiliaries > > because of the Highlander factor: there can > > be only one. This only invites flame wars. > > I am not a flamer. Ygyde deserves your interest > because > its method of making compound words is simple > and yet sophisticated.
I think you missed his point. Ygyde does _not_ deserve our attention for reasons of IAL-politics. It _does_ deserve our attention because it's a conlang and we're interested in conlangs. We're not, generally, interested in AL politicks. Please send _those_ messages to Auxlang!
> Ygyde is not protected by copyright > laws, so anyone can use its ideas in his own > conlang.
OK. Whatever floats yer boat!
> "H. S. Teoh" wrote: > > Unfortunately, these three things are not > > absolute > > measures. A Mandarin speaker finds any > > language > > with any inflection at all troublesome to > > learn, > > but speakers of European languages have no > > trouble > > with simple inflectional systems. OTOH, > > speakers > > of most European langs finds tones > > impossible to > > manage, yet they are second nature to > > Mandarin speakers. > > Ygyde has neither inflections nor tones, so it > passes this test.
Then it's no good for those of us for whom inflection is a prereq. See, no IAL can please everyone, and in striving to do so falls flat!
> And women. On average, they see colors better > than men.
Nah. They just come up with more irrelevant names for them than men do. ;) I listened to six different women look at the same pair of pants today and they came up with at least nine different colour names.
> > Anyway, I don't mean to rip your language > > to > > shreds, :-) but I do find claims of being > > "easy > > to learn" by "everybody" rather difficult > > to live > > up to. > > Well... at least it is easy to memorize,
Don't know about that. It all looks ugi igi uki oco ilo to me. When everything looks the same that way, when there's nothing to break up monotony, it becomes harder to deal with rather than easier.
> because there > are only 180 root words and most compound words > are easy to remember.
And? There are not many more required to function at a basic level in any language. Padraic. ===== Percumion farfer, ec nasteros em purfelos, polim ed siramet. -Pomperios Perfurios. .


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