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From:bnathyuw <bnathyuw@...>
Date:Friday, January 17, 2003, 12:46
just to hijack a single topic in a long discussion i
won't get involved in and run with it . . .

colours in bac

bac colour terms ( as with many bac property terms )
are derived from concrete nouns which name things
they're closely associated with

this is done with an -l- infix before the final

egg :

|seb| blood
  |selb| red
|tarak| coal
  |taralk| black
|pis| froth
  |pils| white
|botor| red wine
  |botolr| deep red/burgundy
|cas| water
  |cals| clear

as you can see, many of these words derive from names
of substances . . . many of them indeed liquids

personality types are often derived from animals in
the same way :

|liray| sheep
  |liraly| tendency to stick around in groups/lack of
independence of thought
|keras| bee
  |kerals| cooperative spirit
|jakar| rat
  |jakalr| willingness to take advantage of any
situation, however unpleasent or undignified it may
seem. [this embodies both resourcefulness and lack of

so :
|Sucer liraly|
(be not)-you sheepwise
'think for yourself'

and so on . . . ( i'ld give more examples, but i don't
have my list of animal names with me )

other adjectives can be more obvious :

|gaj| eye
  |galj| visible
|kob| nose
  |kolb| smellable
|bac| voice/language/bac
  |balc| talkative/bac-speaking [note on another
thread, a bac speaker is |bca|]
|werr| train
  |werralt| ferrovian [stem expanded to |werrat| to
avoid illegal triple-consonant cluster]
|salop| plane ( french pun intended )
  |salolp| aviatic
|gehtap| planet
  |gehtalp| planetary

the list goes on


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