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Re: Phonology of Velian

From:Jeff Rollin <jeff.rollin@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 4, 2007, 16:44
In the last episode, (On Wednesday 04 July 2007 17:49:25), Jörg Rhiemeier
> Hallo! > > On Tue, 3 Jul 2007 23:23:14 +0100, Jeff Rollin wrote: > > Hi list > > > > I'm working on a language game for the list. Whilst you're waiting, you > > might like to glance at the phonology of Velian: > > > > In what follows I use CXS; bon appetit! > > > > [list of consonants snup] > > Good grief, that are many - I count 75! And you don't even have a voicing > distinction in them. > > ... brought to you by the Weeping Elf
Indeed, although getting rid of the nasalised ones in favour of clusters simplifies it a bit: I count 57 including /Dh Dj Dw/; with the eight or so vowels (to be described later), that makes for a phonology only slightly larger than that of English according to the maximum count on Wikipedia: Velian phonotactics, of course, are much different. Jeff -- "Please understand that there are small European principalities devoted to debating Tcl vs. Perl as a tourist attraction." -- Cameron Laird