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"Coming out" about conlanging to people in Academia

From:Andrew Chaney <adchaney@...>
Date:Saturday, July 21, 2001, 0:44
on 20/07/2001 16:36, Andreas Johansson at and_yo@HOTMAIL.COM wrote:

> YHL wrote: >> Plus, anyone who knows we well knows I have a lot of weird hobbies: sf/f >> writing/reading, conlang, beaded jewellery, silk painting, mathematics, >> roleplasying, anime, medieval/military history, psychopathology, etc. >> After all that, conlang is just one more in the mix and it fails to be as, >> hmm, striking. :-) But of course, not everyone is or wants to be a >> certified eccentric. > > We really DO need more girls like you on my side of the pond. > > Andreas >
We need more like her on this side of the pond as well. :) The most common reaction to my conlanging is "Why?" followed by relative disinterest. But I guess my reputation as a geek is pretty well set already anyway. andy.


BP Jonsson <bpj@...>