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Re: Inspirational languages

From:Christopher Bates <chris.maths_student@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 17, 2007, 20:11
> They publish a lot of very interesting stuff in several series. They do have > a website... Hint: if you see something interesting, order immediately, as > their press-runs seem to be minuscule, just enough, apparently, to satisfy > standing library-orders and a handful of interested individuals. Great > backlist, but it's all Out of Print :-(((( (If you're paying in dollars, > you have a slight advantage in the exchange rate.) > >
Perhaps there might be some on some of those "rare and used" book sites? Although I guess they're not the kind of books many people have used and want to sell. I gave up on Amazon mostly a long time ago... the downside with having a serious interest in any academic field is that finding the books you want isn't as easy as typing the right words into search on Amazon then getting delivery within two or three days. :(


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