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Re: Inspirational languages

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 17, 2007, 21:38
Christopher Bates wrote:
(re ANU's Pacific Ling. series)
> Perhaps there might be some on some of those "rare and used" book sites? > Although I guess they're not the kind of books many people have used and > want to sell. I gave up on Amazon mostly a long time ago... the downside > with having a serious interest in any academic field is that finding the > books you want isn't as easy as typing the right words into search on > Amazon then getting delivery within two or three days. :( >
I've never been so desperate as to resort to the "rare and used" people-- exorbitant prices usually**. A few Univ. libraries have (some or all) of the series, and (at least in the US) interlibrary loan is possible (Univ. of Mich. and Ohio Univ. [NOT OSU!!] and often Yale or Chicago are likely). In the UK, I imagine the School of African/Oriental Studies would have them, at minimum. ------------------ **OTOH I've been pleasantly surprised at the exorbitant prices asked for some of the old Dutch/Indonesian stuff I have!!! 600 Euros in one case :-)))) ------------------ Every now and then ANU/PL have a "sale"-- apparently they discover some leftovers in the warehouse, and these older items are offered at a discount. Their website may mention these sales; I hear about them thru the AN-Lang mailing list (very inactive of late); and next time I get one I'll try to remember to alert Conlang.