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Re: First useable version of vertical cursive script

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Sunday, April 30, 2000, 20:50
* BP Jonsson <bpj@...> [000430 15:54]:
> At 14:34 27.4.2000 +0300, Dan Sulani wrote: > > >I think it looks great. (Might look even better > >if done with a broad felt-tip marker or calligraphic pen). > >My only problem is that my eye keeps wanting to turn it > >_horizontal_! Just shows what I'm used to, I guess. > >Anyhow, I like it! > > Me too. I expected something very Mongolian-like and was positively > surprised! Yet
Because it does look mongolian? Because it doesn't? I initially wanted it to look mongolian/manchurian (anyone got a picture of manchurian script? I deleted one while freeing space, not knowing at the time that was dead), but wound up trying to balance it a bit more, so there's about the same amount of "leftscenders" and "rightscenders". (anyone know a better word for these?)
> > >Background: this script is derived from "that other script", at > > > > > >and the standalone forms (not shown) are taken as-is from that 'un. > > inexorably reminds me of Tibetan in some odd manner...
Good! Though the main inspirations for the non-cursive one was katakana and (print) hebrew. And while we're discussing scripts, whats the url to the (defunct?) con-t-shirt-project again? Btw, I've discovered reasonable symbols for <m>, <þ> and <ð>, now, but the others...
> BTW I have changed the rules for how Finos script is written by left-handed > and right-handed writers respectively.
Do you have a pic somewhere on the web? Can't find it in the script-section of my bookmarks. Hopefully, the cursive script is hands-independent, hard to check as I am extremely right-handed... writes with a hook and hardly uses the left for anything requiring nimbleness. t.