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Re: oblique passive

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, July 20, 2003, 23:41
Thomas Wier wrote:

> Quoting mathias <takatunu@...>: > > > (i) Verbal voices: > > > > The verbal voice tags switched from Cai- prefixes to reduplications, > > but the system itself is untouched. > > > > sirati "lesson" > > sira-ra-ti "to learn" > > sira-sirati (uyu) "to teach (to)" > > si-sirati "to be learned" > > si-sira-sirati "to be taught" (the lesson is taught) > > sai-sira-siratinyu "to be taught to" (the child is taught) > > This seems unusual to me. In all the cases of reduplication > that I recall, the reduplicating process does not occur inside > of some other affix. Indeed, in Meskwaki, reduplication applies > *both* to roots and to inflectional affixes. >
Not that unusual, to my view, aside from _sira-ra-ti_ (medial syl. redupl.). I'm pretty sure Tagalog and its PI relatives exhibit all the others (though not all productively, like final syl. redup.), and of course not with the same meanings, and with 2-syl. canonic forms. (So can Kash, but that's irrelevant :-)))).