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Constructed Religions

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 30, 1998, 12:06
There seemed to be a big discussion about religion while I was gone.
But very few (if any, for I was only browsing through the 500 or so
accumulated posts) had to do with conlanging. I began to wonder, why
didn't anyone direct the topic towards constructed religions
pertaining to their respective conlangs instead of arguing over
something completely off-topic? I'm sure many of you guys/gals have
created belief systems to accompany the con-culture speaking your
respective conlangs. So here I am asking, what are your religions
like? Monotheistic, polytheistic, animistic? What are the creations
myths? Are there specific religious institutions, temples, places of
worship associated with your con-religions? How is the world seen
through the religion - cosmology? I can go on but I'm sure you all
get my drift.

-Kristian- 8-)