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Re: BAL (was: Re: TUNU)

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Sunday, November 22, 1998, 17:12
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Data: 20 listopada 1998 01:40
Temat: Re: BAL (was: Re: TUNU)

>> Anyways, I'd recommend choosing vowels that are common to all of >> BAL's target languages. So if Finnish and Estonian have simpler >> vowel inventories than Votic, I suggest choosing their vowels >> instead. >> > >Alright. The common Balto-Finnic ( minus Livonian and Veps) vowels are: > >(CB again) > >@ .ae E i o % u y (all of which occur long) >
what is that % is it mid ronded front, and y high rounded front?
>I'll get the common diphthongs up tomorrow or the day after. > >> Here are the vowels and diphthongs of Latvian and >> Danish/Scandinavian. >> >> CB ascii-ipa system (as well): >> >> ***************************************** >> LATVIAN vowels and diphthongs according to: >> > >Ah! From my friend Uldis' page! According to him, the written /e/ has >two values: /e/ and /.ae/ > >> ******************************************* >> So far, it seems like BAL will not have front rounded vowels since >> none of the Baltic (Latvian/Lithuanian) languages have them. > >I have to agree, knowing that Polish doesn't have them. >
right! but i don't find rounded fronts wrong, many baltic languages use them (swedish, finnish), and i dont find them hard to pronounce, so mighta bee= n borrowed so... i'll agree if the rest want them
>So, tentatively, the pure vowels would be: > >a .ae E (e) i o u [/e/ doesn't exist in Balto-Finnic, so it's >questionable] > >Diphtongs to come later. >
comparin to polish (well, its vowel system is bit different) i think about: a @ E(e) i O(o) u when 'a' is central (or maybe ae(front) and a(back)???) and allophones in brackets i don't like phonemic lenght opposition, but i can live with it... :) -- (