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OCD [was The Conlang Instinct]

From:Matthew Kehrt <matrix14@...>
Date:Thursday, December 9, 1999, 23:54
Hey, Nicole, get help.  I mean this seriously.  I have OCD.  I finally
talked to my parents about it and now I'm fine.  I'm on Zoloft and works
amazingly well.  Talk to some one!

Sara'n edorir,

nicole perrin wrote:
>=20 > B Elliott Walker wrote: > > > > nicole>>>>>> > > And speaking of another really strange quirky thing: I > > count letters, both in speech (my own and other people's) and especia=
> > in print. It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to read anything > > because I count the letters in each word, each sentence, words per > > sentence, average letters per word, etc etc. Does that have a fun na=
> > like synesthesia does? > > <<<<<< > > > > OCD? :-) > > > > uh, that sounds more like some sort of obsessive disorder to me, for =
> > it's worth. how do you get through something as long as tolstoi's W&P=
> > that? >=20 > OCD *is* obsessive compulsive disorder, which is a big thing in my > family and yes I do display it as well. And about War and Peace...I > haven't gotten through it yet, but I have made it through some really > long books with much aggravation. Usually, if I'm the slightest bit > distracted from reading all I do is say the letters names in my head an=
> count them, but if I can devote total concentration to reading, I read > pretty quickly. >=20 > Nicole > -- > >
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