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USAGE: arsed (was: RE: CHAT: Re: Aniese: whose is this?)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Thursday, December 9, 1999, 23:08
> Paul Bennett > Matt>>>>>> > > I've never seen this use of the word "arsed" before, and I can't > quite figure out what it means in this context. Please elucidate. > <<<<<< > > =="bothered" > Semantically identical to bVggered and fVcked in this context.
Tho "can't be buggered/fucked to do sthg" don't exist in my idiolect, while as a verb ARSE occurs only in "arse about" = "mess about, monkey about" and "be arsed to" ="be bothered to". So I perceive no semantic identity with buggered/fucked. And moreover it's not really a rude word. --And.