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Re: C-14 interlinear

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Thursday, October 14, 2004, 6:35
As a translation exercise--very few coinages until I reached turtles:
In Rihana-ye:
fish breathes water: mafa ma foro
                             fish   water breathes

fish breathe in water mafa-fe ma-me foro.
                              fishes water-in breathe

in water, fish breathe air: ma-me mafa-fe raha* foro
                                    water-in fishes air breathe

dog breathes air: fabofa raha foro
                         dog air breathes
dogs breathe air: fabofa-fe raha foro
                            dogs air breathe
dogs don't breathe water: fabofa-fe ma he foro.
                                      dogs water not breathe
not many dogs: he fugefe fabofa-fe
                        not many dogs
'dog eat fish: fabofa mafa go
                    dog fish eat
dog eat lots of fish: fabofa fugefe mafa-fe go
                             dog    many  fishes  eats

dog stuffs itself on fish: fabofa mafa fugo*
                                  dog     fish  greatly-eats
dog vomits fish: fabofa mafa wego.
                        dog fish vomits
NOTE: "wego" for vomit means "reverse eat"

fish eat dog : mafa-fe fabofa go

the sun rises: za to
                     sun rises

sun also rises: za fege to
                      sun also rises

fish see the sun: mafa-fe za cho
                          fishes sun see

dogs chase cat up a tree:  fabofa-fe tiga-te difabofa hawevejo
                                       dogs  tree-on/over cat pursue

the turtle walked:  sivemafa* wivejo
                          hardstreamanimal went

the turtle walked on grass  sivemafa niga-te wivejo
                                         turtle grass-on went

the turtle tucked in sivemafa semejo*
                              turtle   self-in-made.

John Leland