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C-14 interlinear

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 2004, 18:20
CONLANG # C-14 (no official name as yet)
rough description: an Isolating, semi-tonal, somewhat OVS language.


fish = 'ehuu
water = bapah

fish breathes water
bapahnaq 'ehuu
water-breathe fish

fish breathe in water
bapah bapahhaq 'ehuu
water, water-breathe fish
[the initial 'water' is (context? enviroment?)]
['naq' becomes 'haq' if it's attached to a word that is repeated]

in water, fish breathe air
bapah  aggoolnaq 'ehuu

dog breathes air
aggoolnaq thsay
air-breathe canid
[ |th| is one phoneme, |ths| is one letter ]

dogs breathe air
aggoolnaq ney thsay
air-breathe plural canid

dogs don't breathe water
bapahnaq qwo thsay ney
air-breathe not canid plural

not many dogs
qwo ney thsay
not plural canid

dog eat fish
'ehuu vsah thsay

dog eat lots of fish
ney 'ehuu vsah thsay

dog stuffs {itself| on fish
'ehuu ney vsah thsay
fish plural-eat canid

dog vomits fish
'ehuu qwö vsah thsay
fish undo-eat dog

fish eat dog
thsay vsah 'ehuu

the sun rises
(1) sdeenö sgot
lift sun
(2) sdënenö sgot
along orbit sun

the sun also rises
(1) sgot sdeenö sgot
sun lift sun
(2) sdeenö qew sgot
lift additionally sun

fish see the sun
sgot ogon 'ehuu

dogs chase cat up a tree
vëuu, nä om (qo) ney thsay
tree, cat chase (up) plural canid
[the 'up' is contextually implied, as "where else on a tree could a cat be
chased to?"  usually the 'contextually obvious' direction is left
unsaid...though if the cat had been chased _under_ the tree, that would have
been deliberately mentioned]

the turtle walked
sna svàdà
walk turtle

the turtle walked on grass
qen, sna svàdà
grass, walk-atop turtle

the turtle tucked in {on itself}
svàdàqwé, qonoq svàdàqwé
turtle-I, into turtle-I
['tucked' in this instance, refers to pulling head and legs into the shell]


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