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Re: Aingeljã

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 21, 2002, 20:13
Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

> --- Roger Mills wrote: > >> In today's Ideolenga (Yahoo!group)--a Romance conlang of some interest, >> though I don't think the author had a Master Plan (the grammar is not yet
>> on the website)-- >> (in Spanish). > >Quite a pleasant language I must say. Obviously based on/inspired by >Portuguese. The guy definitely shares my particular liking for tildes. It's
>pity that I don't know Spanish... > >What kind of group is Ideolenga? Sounds a bit Auxlangy to me, but this
>doesn't really look like an auxlang.
Oops, my typo-- it's _Ideolengua_. Quite an interesting group, most of the time, and not unlike Conlang. Only about 2 years old. Originally formed as a forum for both con- and auxlangers, since the moderator/owner didn't feel there were enough of either in the Hispanophone world to support two lists. The initial response was all conlang-oriented and enthusiastic. At the moment, they're repeating the early history of Conlang-- a couple auxlangers have besieged the list with lengthy and often flaming posts directed both at each other and at anyone who betrays a lack of interest in auxlanging, the conlangers get angry, etc. etc. Ironically, most recently one of the auxlangers suggested that perhaps the conlang types ought to break off and form their own list. Presumptuous indeed, considering that the serious auxers number just two, the active conlangers maybe 20. Of the latter, several seem to be Tolkien inspired, others are totally a priori, some, like the author of Aingeljã, would be considered con-Romlangers (if that's now a word). A few members have websites, and there is some interesting material in the Files section at the Yahoo site, including a set of sentences that everyone is urged to translate and post in their conlang. Perhaps I'll translate them to Engl. and post them here.