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Re: Rosetta Stone Online, conscript jokes

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, October 8, 2001, 4:54
Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
but it occurred to me: does anyone have
>conscripts that lend themselves to this sort of intellectual playfulness? >Czevraqis could indeed be turned upside down for certain characters...I'll >have to see if I can find any such things. :-)
Only a few Kash characters can be confused. I , U are mirror images; so are K and P; E and O are inverts of each other. H [x] and F differ only in the direction of their beginning little circle. Y and W (non-phonemic, written only in u__V) are easily misread; they are basically an upright with modified I, U attached. (W looks a little like 13, reverse the direction of the 3 and you have Y). So you might have some fun mis-reading words, e.g. _suwa_ (so far undefined) for _suya_ 'sister'? Consonants are not invertible (though they look interesting!), most of them are open at the top and have a base line