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Re: Verb Structure

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 22:26
Roger Mills wrote:

>Joseph B. wrote: > > >>>"Yesterday, I was able to post a message on the >>>conlang list, but I didn't." >>> >>> >>I supposed I'd start by playing with: >> >>during-yesterday existed my-ability for-the-posting of-a-message >>on-the-conlang-list contrary existed my-doing >><temporal> <verb><past> <poss.pronoun><noun> <obl><noun> <genitive><noun> >><locative> <negation> <verb><past> <poss.pronoun><noun> >> >> >> >Hmm, sounds like an experiment of mine years ago. The language had only the >verb "there is/was"-- > > loving >There.was falling.down by.John etc. etc. But we still needed all those >verbal nouns, and odd noun cases, so why bother. :-((( > > > >
I'd interpret that simply as a language where verbs don't inflect, and Tense/Aspect/Mood are carried on a seperate particle. So, the verb there is 'loving', and '' is a particle. The examples you gave suggest it's actually an accusative language, but if the second sentence was: There.was falling.down of.John, we could consider it an ergative language.