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Re: The romamization of a complex tone system

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, February 24, 2002, 9:05
From: "Jesse Raccio" <jraja0722@...>

| I'm a new member here so I will start with an
| introduction.
| Languages are somewhat of a hobby for me, and in
| another life I would
| love to be a linguist.  My real career is in music,
| classical
| composition.  Throughout my life, mostly due to
| Tolkien and SciFi, I
| have been interested in con-langs, so I've decided to
| give it a try.

I'm also a musician before all else, and languages are a hobby of mine (though
I'm actually using Spanish in the real world). I just got back from a bad gig at
a party, no less. Some Barney Fife* came by and shut us down, acting all cocky
and threatening us with jail and all.

*That's a sheriff's deputy. Sorry, but my archetype of a real cop is NYPD.

| Naturally, given my training in music, I am interested
| in pitch and
| tonality in language.  As I have begun to tackle this,
| creating the

[big snip]

Another one of my hobbies, related to my "career" -- working out tunings and
temperaments. I'm doing some work on "natural equal temperaments", which
involves steps that are based on roots of e (2.718282) instead of the
traditional 2 (octave). The Bohlen-Pierce scale is similar, using multiplication
by the 13th root of 3 for each step.

I need to include that on my homepage. I was on the tuning list (also part of
Yahoo! Groups) for a while; you might want to check them out too.

I also have toyed with the idea of a musical language, and I don't mean
Solresol, I mean where syllables are defined by consonants, vowels, and musical
scales. The only real-world example of this is Hebrew cantillation, where
certain accent marks indicate musical passages somewhat like Gregorian chant

Since Tech (my only project I've been procrastinating on for years) is partly
based on Hebrew and Semitic in general, I might try that out.


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