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Re: brz, or Plan B revisited (LONG)

From:Yahya Abdal-Aziz <yahya@...>
Date:Monday, September 26, 2005, 13:24
On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Henrik Theiling wrote, in reply to Jörg Rhiemeier:
> > > For evaluation purposes, I do find the post-fix order easier (too much > > > Reverse Polish, no doubt :) > > > > My personal taste goes more towards a prefix order. But at any rate > > NOT SVO! That's unelegant, and the notions of "subject" and "object" > > doesn't apply well to loglangs anyway. > > Just curious: why 'unelegant'? I can understand that for more than > two arguments, you get an asymmetry that might create the unelegance > feeling. But what about langs with only two core arguments? Would > that still be unelegant to you then? For me, in this constallation, > it's equally elegant as any other word order. > > (For me, this is a pure taste question, not an optimality question in > any way.) > > **Henrik
Guys, please! There's something so ... inelegant about "unelegant". Defintiely creates that feeling of inelegance. :-) Regards, Yahya -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.344 / Virus Database: 267.11.6/111 - Release Date: 23/9/05


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