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interesting english syntax

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Monday, September 26, 2005, 14:02
 In my American New York English, I can say the
following types of things:

1)  Were he here, he'd be helping us out.

2)  Had I known how bad it was, I never would have
seen it.

3)  Come spring, the flowers will start to bloom.

The first two have an inverted subject and verb in the
first clause, where the verb is in a past or
"subjunctive" form. It seems to mean the same as "if
he were" and "if I had known". The last sentence is
slightly different in meaning, with a "subjunctive"
form of the verb. It means something like "when spring
comes". Is there a name for these things, and is it
more common, used with more than those verbs? Is it
appropriated for any conlangs?


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