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Re: Weekly Vocab #13

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 10, 2003, 14:42
New words created for this exercise -- 27
New idioms -- 1

--- Christopher Wright <faceloran@...> wrote:
> An ill omen, this number. Come to think of it, the > mirror in my bathroom > has been broken for years without negative effects, > and I like black cats, > even if they shun me. > > This might remind people of Reb Tevye (Topol) from > _Fiddler on the Roof_. > > 1. to bow
> One should bow when passing the temple.
Junu cumvi ul tempuu pasandu duvevised incuinari.
> 2. tradition
> It is a tradition, and traditions tell us where we > stand with God [or the > Universal Life Force, or the Verruca Gnome, or > whatever is conculturally > appropriate].
Juni tradichuni esti, ed ils tradichunis pomu nosu cun Dju sumus nosu dichins.
> 3. origin
> So you want to know the origin of this tradition? > I'll tell you. > I don't know.
Chin il oridjini djil fistu tradichuni volada sabiri? Vosu dichiju. Nun saviu.
> 4. to uphold
> But it's a tradition, so I shall uphold it.
Peru juni tradichuni esti, idavi jid sustineru.
> 5. to encourage
> Everyone I meet encourages me to do so.
Todus ju incundru mi orradans falari idavi.
> 6. lynch mob
> If I don't uphold the traditions, a lynch mob will > show up.
Si il tradichuni nun sustinijevu, juni turvi dji Lynch juns avinijimus.
> 7. goodwill,
> I wish to keep the goodwill of high society.
Il buni volundadi djil auti sochedadi ju volu retiniri.
> 9. magistrate,
MADJISTRADU judge, JUDICHI, GADI (obs. mod. = busybody) elder PRESBIDERU
> Perhaps I'll be a magistrate some day.
Munchin, junu djurnu, juni gadi eseveru.
> 10. to honor
> All will honor me and swoon at my name, for I will > be famous.
Todus mi din~ajid ed peu il mi numi esmagajid, pervia cheumvi eseju. Adam
> ~Wright
===== Il prori ul pa&#38621;veju fi dji atexindu mutu madji fached. -- Carrajena proverb