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Compound Tense Mystery

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 8, 2003, 22:31
So, most of you probably know by now (due to the number of times i've
mentioned it) that Rokbeigalmki conjugates its verbs by means of
"subject-tense complexes" which combine a subject pronoun and a vowel
which signifies the tense/aspect/mood (the categories aren't distinct in

There are 5 vowels/diphthongs used for this:

U /u/ = past (perfect)
OI /Oj/ = present-routine
A /a/ = present-immediate
II /aj/ = future (irrealis)
E /E/ = command (imperative/jussive)

Examples, using the pronoun |EZ| "you (singular)" and the verb |RIS|

EZU-RIS = you learned
EZOI-RIS = you learn (in general)
EZA-RIS = you're learning (right now)
EZII-RIS = you'll learn
EZE-RIS = (you,) learn!

But, there are also compound tenses.  I put up a gif of a chart of the
compound tenses at:
(as you can see, when you make compound tenses the |Z| of the pronoun
gets echoed between the vowels)

So, i already have some of the combinations set, but i'm wondering what
the others could mean.  Now, not all of them *have* to mean anything
(blanks in the system is realistic, after all ;-) ), but i'm just
wondering if anyone can come up with uses for them.

Here are the compound examples:

EZUZU-RIS = you learned (a long time ago), (once upon a time) you learned
EZUZOI-RIS = you used to learn (in general)
EZUZA-RIS = (one specific time) you were learning

EZOIZOI-RIS = you always learn, you're always learning
EZOIZA-RIS = you're always learning (and every second is significant)

EZAZU-RIS = you just learned, you just finished learning
EZAZOI-RIS = you're learning (right now, but it feels like forever)
EZAZA-RIS = you're learning right now (and may be finished by the time i
say this)
EZAZII-RIS = you're about to learn

EZIIZU-RIS = you would have learned (but were unable to)
EZIIZOI-RIS = you will learn (in general)
EZIIZA-RIS = you will be learning (at a specific time)
EZIIZII-RIS = you would learn (and may still)


So can anyone come up with any possible meanings or uses of the "?"
combinations?  I can see how the combinations with the command tense
vowel may not make sense, but can anyone make sense of the others?

-Stephen (Steg)
 "how can help ease your pain, city of gold?"
     ~ 'city of gold' by blue fringe


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