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Re: Character-mode charmap applet

From:Garth Wallace <gwalla@...>
Date:Friday, March 14, 2003, 7:48
John Cowan wrote:
> Here is a trivial but convenient program for people who are using X terminal > windows (like me) with the U.S. ASCII-only keyboard (like me). By holding > down the right-hand Alt key you can get the non-ASCII Latin-1 characters, but > the scheme is non-mnemonic. > > In Windows you can use the charmap applet or the U.S. International keyboard > (I switch between U.S. and U.S. International when I'm on Windows). The > utterly trivial Perl program I've attached prints out the Latin-1 characters > in a sensible order, with their hex equivalents. Each character is surrounded > by two whitespaces so that it will go into the X selection if you double > click on it, and you can then paste it anywhere using the middle mouse button. > The program is meant to be run in an Xterm window or the equivalent. > (Non-X folks, please excuse all this.) > > Anyway, some of you may find it handy.
Very handy, thank you! I'd been hunting for some sort of documentation on how to get extended characters in X Windows...


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