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cases (nom/acc vs sub/obj)

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 0:03
Thomas R. Wier wrote, quoting Padraic Brown:

> > I'd call our cases nominative, genitive and dative/accusative. > > I wouldn't -- why make distinctions that aren't really there? Most > modern grammars of English use Subjective and Objective today, since > the objects of pronouns are never distinguished from the objects of > prepositions.
I'd appreciate more info on this: What principles govern whether a conlang's system is best described as nominative/accusative or as subjective/objective? My documentation chooses "nominative" simply because I figure this is less confusing for a general audience. "Nominative" and "subjective" mean roughly the same thing anyway, the former is more widely taught to nonlinguists so there's a jargon factor, and the words "subjective" and "objective" both mean something totally different outside of linguistics! Is this a respectable decision, or am I misleading the reader? -- web. | Here and there I like to preserve a few islands of sanity | within the vast sea of absurdity which is my mind. member/ | After all, you can't survive as an eight foot tall dragon | flesh eating dragon if you've got no concept of reality.