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CA Bay Area Meetup

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Sunday, December 3, 2006, 9:44 for planning the
next one and pics of this one.

This time we had 9 people for most of it (!) plus Weld Carter briefly
(whose android parts were sadly defeated by circumstance).

With ZBB handles: John Quijada (johnqpublik), Noelle & J
(vampyre_smiles), Christopher Husch (twpsyn pentref), Alex Fink
(4pq1injbok), Gabe Koulikov, (madrigal) and (watertoiceXI) whose IRL
names I'm blanking on [a conlanger couple! aww how cute], and me

And that's minus a couple people from previous meets who couldn't
attend. ;-) Looks like we might be having an ongoing meet that's a
dozen people in size... not too shabby.

So, hey you! If you're anywhere in the area, come for the next one
(and vote in the thread above for when it should be). Or if you're
not, organize a meet in your area.

It's amazing, people actually have voices. And faces. And make silly
jokes about clowns in joke phonologies and weird faces when you feed
them coconut milk straight from the hacked-open coconut as the
aftertaste hits them. :-)

 - Sai