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C-14, an Ancient Greek conlang utilizing disambiguating polysemy

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 30, 2004, 15:55
C-24, an Ancient Greek conlang utilizing Disambiguating Polysemy.

the phonemes are much the same as in Ancient Greek, though the "letter" /i/
has been replaced by /y/...
oi [oj]
au [aw]
eu [ew]
ei [e:]
ou [o:]
y [y]
u [u]

p, t, k
b, d, g
m, n
l, r
s, z

p_h, t_h, k_h

* Accent marks indicate which part of a word is
eannoa - all even.
eannòa - rising
èannoa - falling
èànnoa - high (start)
eannòà - low (start)

* Vowels can go from High->Falling, but not High->Low; similarly,
Low->Rising is permissable, but not Low->High.

* A 6th (and 7th?) accent "case" is when the DP (disambiguating polysemy) is
what is accented, rather than part of the word itself.

* Act with varying degrees of Volition and attach directly to the Verb (or
the closest thing to a verb in the sentance).
lek = take
k_h = Fate Volition  (uninfluenced by outside actions or events; destiny)
hannant = food

t_h = Homeric Volition (no more influenced by events or actions than a story
might change over the course of repeated tellings  (is there a better way to
say this?))

p_h = Odysseus Volition (entirely [self]-controlled by actions or events;
opposite of destiny)

* When speaking of a person's actions against a lower-ranked thing (ie,
mice), use Odysseus Volition.

* When speaking of a lower-ranked thing's actions against a person, use Fate

* When the thing is known, use the Specific Form.
"ant  esen  aik_hannant  vopr  ot"
[DP indicating Specific Form] [eat] [FV of 'food'] [mouse] [wheat]
"[the] Mouse ate the wheat"

* When the thing can only be inferred by the known evidence, use the
Inferring/Nonspecific Form.
"eint  esen  aik_hannant  vopr  ot"
[DP indicating Nonspecific Form] [eat] FV of 'food'] [mouse] [wheat]
ie, "[the] Wheat was moused"  (that is, "the wheat was eaten by something
mouse-like, based on what we'd found").

* The only difference between the Forms is the Disambiguating Polysemy.

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