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VOCABULARY AID: Basic and Additional Vocabulary (topics 11 - 15)

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 30, 2004, 16:40

OK, so here's more. Hopefully without typos. And only 5 topics,
because there's still some homeworks left that is due to tomorrow :(


IV. The Human

11. Body

arm, back , bag, basin, beard, belt, blood, body, bone,
bowl, brain, breath, calf, chest, composition, condition,
elbow, eye, face, fat, feeling, finger, fist, flesh, foot,
forehead, hair, hand, heart, heel, joint, look, man,
memory, mind, mouth, muscle, nose, root, shoulder, sight,
spirit, stomach, strenghth, sweat, tongue, tooth, trunk --
to beat, to bend, to bite, to breathe, to cry, to feed, to
feel, to handle, to seize, to sigh, to stretch, to sweat --
bare, female, lean, male, pale -- inside, outside

upper arm/forearm, thigh/shank, palm, finger-tip, thumb,
knuckle, shin(-bone), ankle, sole, hip, skeleton, skull,
temple, palate, tip of the nose/tongue, upper/lower jaw,
gum, upper/lower lip, vocal chords, gullet, oesophagus,
eyeball, the pupil of the eye, eyebrow/lash/lid, curl /
parting, waist, backbone, spine, windpipe, belly, abdomen,
navel, kidney, gall-bladder, appendix, bowels, intestines,
circulation of the blood, nervous system, pulse, marrow,
tonsils, spleen, sinew, to pant, to gasp, to weep / to sob,
to wink, to blink, to yawn, to sneeze, to chew, to
perspire, masculine, feminite, corpulent, stout, plump,
meagre, slender, slim, lanky, robust, husky,
long-/short-sighted, beardless

12. Look and movements

activity, address, air, appearance, balance, beauty,
behaviour, charm, colour, dance, expression, movement,
skill, smile -- to act, to cry, to dance, to express, to
frown, to lean, to lie, to move, to please, to smile --
active, beautiful, busy, charming, coarse, handsome, happy,
irregular, lazy, light, merry, nice, regular, rough, ugly

complexion, countenance, physique, physical constitiution,
weakness, gait, errand, collision, clash, to conduct
oneself, to weaken, to dangle, to grow pale,
graceful/awkward, attractive, striking, wobbly

13. Senses


ability, anxiety, application, attention, colour, crash,
cruelty, curiosity, eye, face, feeling, hate, heat, sight,
smell, taste -- to astonish, to crash, to fade, to fear, to
flash, to hate, to hear, to heat, to hurt, to regard, to
smell, to taste -- able, afraid, anxious, aware, beautiful,
clear, coarse, cold, cool, cruel, curious, dark, delicate,
dry, dull, faint, fair, fearful, fine, fond, fresh, gentle,
glad, handsome, happy, hard, heavy, hot, lovely, merry,
nervous, nice, painful, pretty, rough, sharp, smooth,
sweet, ugly, warm, weak, wet

glance, touch, hearing / sound wave, brightness, perfume,
scent, to behold (beheld, beheld), to gaze, to stare at, to
perceive/to sense, piercing, furtive, deafening, noisy,
delicious, disagreeable, monotonous, slippery

14. Life and death

accident, ashes, being, creature, death, dream, dust, grave,
life, loss, murder, ruin, sacrifice, tear, want -- to bury,
to die, to dream, to drop, to finish, to poison, to remove,
to save, to strike, to suffer, to twist -- asleep, awake,
aware, dead, living

burial, funeral, funeral procession, funeral march,
mortality, tomb-stone, grave-stone, tomb, coffin, epitaph,
wreath, grave-yard, cemetery, corpse / ummy, deceased,
cuicide, cremation, urn, to drown, to be drowned, to shed
blood, to embalm, to grow old, to mourn (for), to commit
suicide, gloomy, dismal, dim/mortal

[I thought this topic's name is "*Life* and death"!]

15. Health, disease, cure

attack, bath, blow, care, change, cold, cough, disease,
doctor, faint, fever, fold, growth, harm, health, hunger,
medicine, nurse, operation, pain, patience, poison, remedy,
rest, sympathy, wound -- to apply, to arrange, to bear, to
break, to burst, to catch, to dress, to enjoy, to fade, to
faint, to grow, to hurt, to nurse, to rest, to swallow --
blind, careful, careless, delicate, mad, merry, faint,
full, healthy, hungry, lame, natural, painful, pale,
senseless, sore, tired, unhealthy

illness, sickness, infection, contagion, delicacy, injury,
loss of blood, blood transfusion, breakdown, collapse, fit
of apoplexy, exhaustion, indisposition, relapse, recovery,
sleeplessness, cold in the head, whooping-cough,
hoarseness, influenza (flu), swelling, ulcer, fracture,
toothache / headache, cancer, polio(myelitis), pneumonia,
measles, scarlet fever, sunstroke, tuberculosis, dressing /
plaster, cotton wool, injection, prescription, remedy,
ointment, tablet, pill, dispensary, night-duty, patient,
sick person, to ache, to consult, to swell up, to bleed
(bled, bled), to heal, to disinfect, to vaccinate, to
squit, to limp, to stutter, to snore, to recover from,
vigorous, sturdy, robust, sickly, feeble-minded, insane,
hereditary, dumb, mute, deaf, innate, exhausted, drowsy,
unconscious, dizzy, bland-headed, crippled, malignant

Eri silveváng aibannama padangin.
Nivaie evaenain eri ming silvoieváng caparei.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince