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Why is Mistral not Virgil?

From:feuchard <feuchard@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 5, 2000, 18:55
Because he did not write in Arveuneic ;o). Frédéric Mistral was a famous poet from
the mid nieteenth century, who was among the "Félebrige", a sort of Provençal
"Pléiade". This group was amoung the leaders of the revival of Provençal, and
formulated the first standard orthography for Occitan (however, it was crap and
no-one uses it today, preferring the more sensible orthography proposed by
Louis Alibert). This is part of one of Mistral's poems, translated into

La Mançon de Falabrego
Canti d'una figla de Pròvença, 
Nès amoures della sua jôvença
A traveir della Crau, vei la mar, neu frôumen.
Umble escolera deu grand Omèr
Jeu la vôuli seiguir. Côum era
Rein qu'una figla della teirra
A four della Crau se n'es mou parlata.

In English:
The House of Falabrego
I sing of a girl of Provence,
In the loves of her youth
Across Crau, towards the sea, in the corn.
Humble student of great Homer,
I want to follow her. As she was
Nothing but a daughter of the land
Outside of Crau not much was saif of her.

And in Mistral's Occitan:
Lou Mas di Falabrego
Cante uno chato de Prouvènço
Dins lis amour de sa jouvènço
A travès de la Crau, vers la mar, dins li blad.
Umble escoulan dou grand Oumèro
Iéu la vole segui. Coume èro
Rèn qu'uno chato de la terro
En foro de la Crau se n'es gaire parla

Maybe some other romance conlangers out there could show Mistral how it's really done?


E souvein-te della veritát que se ja dissó,
                 And remember the truth that once was spoken,  

Amer un autre es veder le visaic de Deu.
        To love anonther person is to see the face of god.