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USAGE: Louis? C'est lui (was Re: Russian orthography (was: Aperfect day ...))

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Friday, February 4, 2000, 5:07
Don Blaheta wrote:
> One of the most striking French-isms that *no* book tells you is the > palatal consonant after high vowels. Actually, I suspect it may be > Québecois, because I definitely heard it there, but all my French > teachers but one have it. On words ending in /i/ (esp /yi/) or /y/, > there is usually a /C/ tacked on, often very prominently. Sometimes > (rarely) it's almost an /S/. After /u/ it's much fainter and more of a > /x/.
Weird! And /C/ doesn't exist otherwise, right? Nor /x/? Is it only certain words that acquire the /C/, or are any words ending in /i/ or /y/ liable to that?
> The pedant in me forces me to say: the only scheme with [H] for turned-h > is SAMPA. The rest have: j<rnd> ;h h& and w" . Not very good choices > any of them, I'm afraid.
Well, /;h/ is part of a coherent system, the semicolon indicates "inverted", so I'd say that it's the perfect choice within that system.
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