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Re: Korean/Japanese/Inupiaq/Aleut/Yupik/Samenoid(sp)

From:SMITH,MARCUS ANTHONY <smithma@...>
Date:Monday, August 21, 2000, 20:44
On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Thomas R. Wier wrote:

> Velikovsky got his start there too IIRC. It's not that it's all like that: it's just > that in Russia under Communism, science was supposed to serve the interests > of the state. And so, any theory that could not immediately be used for propaganda > purposes tended to be neglected (or, in extreme cases, persecuted and its proponents > liquidated).
Actually, that makes sense then. The island of Sakhalin - one of the major areas of Ainu population - was fought over during the Russo-Japanese war. I suppose it the Ainu were claimed to be Indo-European, this could be seen as some "liberation of brothers from the horrible Japanese". Gives the government more of an excuse for wanting the land. (The oil deposits had *nothing* to do with it, I'm sure.) Marcus