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Taxonomic list (and Re: poll 30? (long...Sal at her most voluble)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, May 25, 2003, 23:27
Sally Caves wrote:
> VOCABULARY BUILDING AND SHOWCASING: > I made a huge taxonomy of words in English that are grouped according to > categories. ....... The taxonomy, > modeled after Hildegard's--wherein I start with the body and move from
> to the family, and move from that to the house, and move from that to the > garden, and move from that to the farm, seq. (snip) This is actually a very good way to generate vocab. (even if you do forget "beach" or "sugar") and the point of this message--- I've just found 10-15 mimeo copies of the wordlist I made up along similar lines, for research in Indonesia, so it's a _little bit_ oriented toward that area. About 30-some pages, 1200 items. It might at the least help someone get if anyone would like a copy, send me (privately) a mailing address and you'll get one. The alternative is to chuck the whole batch out, and that would hurt...;-((((( Much much more to respond to, but I'll limit myself--
> > EXACTAMUNDO! Not having a proper database that will allow me to switch > words instantaneously from Teonaht English to English Teonaht.
I still work with 5 files-- 1. about 4000 possible forms (so I don't invent the wheel twice), 2. New but not quite official words from translation exercises, 3. the Kash-Engl Añakrangota, 4 Supplement to same, where I put near-official words while I think about them; then when they go into the dictionary, I have to revise #5 the html version and reload it to the website (it's far too cumbersome to make corrections through Tripod). There used to be #6, English-Kash, but that's passé since I discovered how to Search.
> > It's still so easy to write the English first and translate into Teonaht.
> have to resist that. You're congratuled for your attempts. But I have to > see where I'm going, and I still think mostly in English, and not in > Teonaht. Sigh. >
I want so much to try to write something in Kash, without English first, and even have an interesting idea. But oh the inertia.................
> Thank you, Peter, for your hard work on this, and for putting up with us.
> We are all grateful.
So say we all.


BP Jonsson <bpj@...>