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Re: introduction Middelsprake

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <melroch@...>
Date:Friday, May 23, 2008, 13:55
I've summarized the GMP of my theoretical

* î > ei -- [ej], [aj]
* û > ou -- [ow], [aw], [u]
* ê > ie -- [je]
* ô > uo -- [wo]
* â > oa -- [wa], [Q], [A]
* iu, eu > eu -- [ew], [ju], [y]
* ai > oai -- [oi], [aj], [waj]
* au > eau -- [&w], [aw], [jaw]
* u -- [u], [u\], [V], [2]
* a -- [a], [&]

* th > dh
* p > ph
* t > th
* k- > k
* -k-, -k > ch
* sk > sch
* -b-, -b > v
* w -- [w], [v]

The _ph th_ spellings may be seen as a device
purely to help on sight vocabulary recognition by
German speakers, signalling that the German
cognates have _pf_ or _z/tz/ss_. The
pronunciations [pf ts] are optional and not
encouraged. The spelling _ch_ may freely be
pronounced [x], while for _sch_ the pronunciations
[S] or [sx] are recommended and [sk] permitted.

Later Latin loans keep their Latin spelling and
are pronounced accordingly. The respelling rules
above apply only to germanic vocabulary and pre-
medieval latin loans like _wein, schreiv_ or

Dhe _ph th_ schreivungen kan wez gesehe als oain
anorden hoailelig fur thuo hielph dheudisch
specheren thuo erken worden hwen dhoai les,
signalierend dhath dhesen wordens Dheudisch
cognaten hav _pf_ odhe _z/tz/ss_. Dhe
outhsproachen [pf ts] is walfrei ond ni geanreg.
Dhe schreivung _ch_ kan freilig wez geouthsprech
als [x], hweil fur _sch_ dhe outhsproachen [S]
odhe [sx] is geanreg ond [sk] is gedhol.

New latinisch loainungen hald thuo dhoais
latinisch schreivungen ond is geouthsprech als
geschreiv. Dhe umsschreivungregelen is gaapplicier
oainlig thuo Germanisch vocabular ond
formidelalderisch loainen geleich _wein, schreiv_
odhe _phlanth_.

Looks like a weird Frisian dioalect if you ask me!


Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>