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Re: Trying accents

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 4:37
From: "Clint Jackson Baker"

> éëçíîïåÓÇÛÜèüçÿéÞÝÿîïúûÜÞ Cool!
It *is* addictive, isn't it.
> I can't do Alt 0246--Alt 4 sends me back a page, Alt 6 > sends me forwards. Do you know how I can avoid this?
I do hope you're not asking *me* a tech question. I don't understand the problem you're experiencing since it doesn't happen to me (the code sequences seem to repeat over and over [so 0246 is not your only "ö" option], so maybe you can hunt and peck 05** or 07** and see what you find). Perhaps Imperative can help.
> And where can I learn this so I'm not just pounding > them out randomly?
I don't remember how I stumbled onto this many years back, but I did, and I was hooked. Then I just memorized by frequency of use the diacritics for French, German, and Swedish. Memorizing four-number strings may seem like a drag, but once you get it down it becomes as automatic as typing itself. At this point, I don't even look at the number pad when I punch the codes in (it's like a well-known phone number on a touch-tone phone [when someone asked me for my father's phone # once, I had to punch it in the air before being able to articulate the numbers verbally; it's kinda like that]).Using those as signposts, it's usually easy to tease out the other ones I might ever need. As Imperative points out, some letters are limited to certain fonts (seemed some Esperanto and East European letters were only found in Latin1 or Latin3, but I haven't dabbled in those in quite some time). Too, I'll be checking out the "Charmap" that Imperative suggested; better than reinventing the wheel (which I seem to do with annoying regularity). Probably faster than what I've done (why don't my MIS gurus know this stuff?). When the student is ready, the teacher appears..... Kou