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Zera: from proto-andinean to proto-carib-andinean.

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 20:20
Just a little conhistory:
proto-andineans lived in a place in OTL Texas, but migrated southwards
(most of them, some of them remind or migrated north...) aided by
their sailoring skils.  They stablished around the Hangke river mouth
around 6800 BP, and those who reminded there became

Proto-carib-andinean underwent some changes from proto-andinean.
Firstly: frontal rounded vowels passed roundenes (labialization) to
previous or sourrounding consonants and lost their roundness: /ky/ >
Aspirated plosives before back vowels became affricates: /k_hO/ >
/kxO/ in stressed positions and fricatives /xO/ in unstressed
positions.  Aspiration went lost.

Tense marker were lost in adverbs.

SVO became more common, becoming almost obligatory when animated
subject and inanimated object co-existed.  At 6500 BP SVO was the
unmarked word order.

New words entered the lexicon, proably borrowings.  Most new words are
houshold related which suggest that migrants were mostly men who
married local women.

more on this after comments.

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  Bogotá, Colombia
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