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Pseudopassive constructions, sentences, husky Norwegians

From:Matt McLauchlin <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 5:23
> >Ian teuc. > >ia-n | teuc-Ø > >I abs | love 3pSgPrSim > >"I am loved." > >What does "Sim" mean?
Simple/progressive, as opposed to perfect, future, or indefinite/imperfect.
>I don't see where your problem is, actually. The verb does appear to agree >with the subject in all your sentences. You don't say "someone", but the >verb still agrees with it. The only difference between the last two >sentences is word order. The meaning between the two is not that extreme >-- it is not unheard of for indefinite subjects to evolve into passives.
OK, good.
>Since verbs mark person, could explicit ergative pronouns be dropped (like >subject pronouns à la Romance)? In other words, is: >Teuca Áudridan. I love Audrid. >a valid sentence?
No, just like *Aime Audrid = "(I) love Audrid" isn't a valid sentence of French.
>How 'bout: >Áudridan teuca . for: Audrid is loved by me? (or is it "Audrid, I >love." >[not husky Sven]?)
Both would be Áudridan iar teuca (or "teuca iar") [iks Sbenan troiard] :)
>Can: > >Teuc ian. > >also be interpreted as, "He loves me."? > >or do we need an explicit 'he-erg'?
You would need an explicit he-erg. If there's no ergative in the sentence, no definite ergative can be interpreted.
>I like the Ian teuc./Teuc ian. split, since they both basically mean the >same thing, but there's a shift in focus. Does it work across the board >of >personal pronoun endings?
Not just personal pronoun endings: Ger rodz oin iam. She-erg sells something-abs me-dat = She sells me something. Iam rodz oin ger. Me-dat sells something-abs she-erg = I buy something from her. Blessed be, Écartons ces romans Matt McLauchlin qu'on appèle systèmes, GM18, Montreal, Canada Et pour nous éléver English/français/esperanto descendons dans nous-mêmes. icq: 4420218 -Voltaire _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at Share information about yourself, create your own public profile at