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Re: Dutch surnames (scatological warning!)

From:René Uittenbogaard <ruittenb@...>
Date:Monday, April 6, 2009, 11:46
The story is what I've heard also, although I can't vouch for all of
the names you list.
I do know people called Naaktgeboren and Borst. Furthermore, I've known a guy
with the surname "Hangoor" (droopy ear).


2009/4/6 andrew <hobbit@...>:
> This turned up on a local Ethnic Network list that I watch.  I would be > interested if someone with more knowledge on Dutch nomenclature can > provide more information, especially if I can feed it back.  It is > interesting if it is true as I recognise the name Zondervan still > survives as a publishing house. > > <quote>Napoleon made it compulsory for the Dutch to list a surname in > 1811. Some, to protest this imposed requirement (there were surnames > earlier but they kept changing according to naming conventions), gave > their surnames which were funny/strange/obscene: > Suikerbuik (Sugarbelly) > Uiekruier (Onion-crier) > Naaktgeboren (Born naked) > Poepjes (Little shit) > Schooier (Beggar) > Scheefnek (Crooked-neck) > Rotmensen (Rotten people) > Zeldenthuis (Rarely at home) > Zondervan (without a surname) > Borst (breast) > Piest (to urinate) > The idea was that this would be something impermanent. But once the > register started, the names became permanent. There are those like de > Jong (the young), de Groot (the great), etc. I will love to hear more > on this from some Dutch person (or another) on this forum who may be > able to shed more light on this.<unquote> > > -- > Andrew Smith  --  -- > > > "If you are gonna rebell you have to wear our uniform." >


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