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OT: The Geography Of A Discworld and the surrounding universe.

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Thursday, August 8, 2002, 10:01
I know it doesn't really belong on the Conlang mailing list, but it may have
some serious implications for my language and culture, so allow me to

I have, for the sake of realism, used physics that should apply to our

First - Temperature Zones:

Assuming the sun rises in the east and sets in the west- Logically, the
coldest points on the disc are the Northern and Southern edges.  The Hub of
the disc is also extremely cold.

The hottest regions are are, the just after the east and west edges,
although they are the coldest points at sunset and in the morning,
respectively.  In the east, the brightest time of the day is at sunrise, and
the darkest ant sunset, and vice-versa.

Essentially, towards the hub and towards the northern and southern edges, it
gets colder.
1 - Very Cold
2 - Cold
3 - Temperate
5. Hot

      NW3    N1     NE3
       NW3   N2   NE3
         NW2 N1 NE2
         SW2  S1 SE2
       SW3    S2  SE3
      SW3     S1    SE3

If you can understand essentially plots out the heat zones...The
Temperate Zones are in the northeast, north-west, se, and sw.

Next - Gravity:

Gravity is caused not by the disc, but by the Gravitational Centre of the
Universe.  This decides what is up and what is down, and the Disc should
orbit it .  The Sun is not held in place by gravity as much as the Disc's
magnetic field.  In winter, the Sun's magnetic field grows stronger, and is
pushed away...

      RimN(weak)         hubN(strong)    RimN(weak)

The sun has a gravitational orbit, but a low one, the magnetic field makes
the planet habitable. The moon is similar, but has a lower orbit.

3. Other Planets, and Stars, etc.

Planets are merely other Discs orbiting a gravitational centre.  Stars are
balls of flourescent dust, and Nebulae are as well.

The moon is flourescent rock, and the sun is a ball of fire.

That's all, I think...


Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>