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sRe: Genitive Relationships again

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 16, 1999, 7:31
Traltan, Gary.  Welcome, and greetings!  Since the sixties, huh?
are you middle-aged like me and started very VERY early?  Rude

Gary Shannon wrote:

> Hello all-- > > I'm new to the list, but I've building conlangs since the 60's (and thinking > I was the only nut case inflicted with this peculiar form of insanity.)
Yeah. That's why I conducted the Lunatic Survey several months ago, and am off to Florida on Wednesday to confirm our lunacy in the eyes of the public.
> If a simple and consistent scheme were devised then that would save you the > labor of creating unique words for each case.
I like the idea! But then, it just replicates what we do with pronouns. Perhapsin the dim past such a language existed (a different word for person), and such a system was invented and it turned into pronouns. No, I was merely throwing out as baroque a construction as I could think... I will never do such a thing, but I might make some words in Teonaht have different forms depending on the possessor. Family relations, and some parts of the body. But think about it; we have a "polite" and "not-so-polite" system of naming such things already established in English when it comes to the body and bodily functions. When you're among your close friends and family you can say "I have to pee," but you tell you're doctor that "it hurts to urinate." We have an enormous diglossia when it comes to matters of the body and it's functioning that I guess I don't have to remind y'all about.
> BTW: I like what I've seen so far of Teonaht. Any notion of when the > glossary might begin to emerge on your web site?
Well, the glossary IS "beginning to emerge" on my website... If you'velooked, you'll see that "A" is fairly filled in, "B" less so, but still a chunk, and then words for the other letters here and there, mostly culled from my Teonaht recipe. It's a tedious task, for most of the lexicon as I've said is in note form. I have a beloved dictionary that goes back to at least the seventies, full of faint little pencil definitions, a lot of them obsolete and stupid. I think I have about 1500 words all told, but I don't know how to begin to count them. Thank you for looking!! Now tell us about your language. Sally Caves <--my emerging glossary