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Re: punctuated abbreviations // was english spelling reform

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Sunday, October 20, 2002, 11:59
Padraic Brown wrote:
>I never really looked into titles too seriously, >though they must exist in The World. > >Christian Patriarchs have titles like "His Holiness >Mar Thomas Catholicos of the Church in Ctesiphon". > >The old kings of Hoopelle had conventional "by Grace >of God King" for their title. The corulers of >Auntimony are styled: "His Imperiaull Majeste >Handfaste of the Blooded Blade, Emperor of All þe >Avantimanni, and his Cunning and Wondrous Yesseraë >Wilunno, an Quayne of the Lauande of Morotunkaë in þe >Wylde Continente of Alaria, His Imperiaulle Majeste >hys Wyfe". > >In the ancient kingdom of Hoopelle, or "Hanohehano >Onohelana Nibuk", the rulers all had the same name and >title: "Nibuk Andeyzar _x_ _y_ ammanaymoru", where x = >regnal number and y = dynasty number. It's uncertain >whether Andeyzar is a name or a title, though; Nibuk >is the name of the national God; ammanaymoru means >dynasty, or literally, inhabitant of the house.
In Taireza, and indeed in all the Tshánaian cultures, it's not usual to refer to/address ordinary people with anything but their names (personal name plus family name, or in informal situations just personal name; never just family name). "Extraordinary" people chiefly include high civil officials and military commanders, who're refer to/addressed as with title plus entire name, in formal situations, eg _Zdakian Fkaz Zaira_ "Minister Fkaz Zaira"*. The Emperors of Keshéa are often refered to by a special formul, stating the Emperors number. F'rinstance, the Empire´s founder is refered to as _Lei Kaishin, Elko Dzatsh_ "Lei Kaishin, First Emperor"**. He would've been addressed simply as _Elko Lei Kaishin_ "Emperor L K" by his contemporaries. * If you want to specify WHAT he's minister for, you'd use a somewhat cumbrous construction like _ Zdakian Fkaz Zaira, Zdakian Tenrazazenti Vlezgai_, which means something like "Minister F Z, Vlezg's Minister for Agriculture". ** This's the Tairezazh version, the Keshéâri being _Leias Kaishins, Anas Elxas_. Since Tairezazh, but not Keshéâri, has gender-specific forms for "emperor/empress", in the former language you get stupidities like _Malika Kaishin, Elka Seizh_ "M K, Second Empress" for Lei Kaishin's daughter, the first empress (both _elko_/_elka_ and _elxas_ refer only to reigning monarchs - an emperor's wife is just a wife, and similarly an empress's husband just a husband - so Lei's wife wasn't an empress in the eyes of Tshánaians). And in case somebody suspects it, yes _elko/-a_ is a loan from _elxas_. Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Surf the Web without missing calls! Get MSN Broadband.