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Re: punctuated abbreviations // was english spelling reform

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Sunday, October 20, 2002, 18:10
John Cowan wrote:
> >Irina Rempt scripsit: > > > > Of course not. I use the "new" word, Ms., for married > > > women as well as unknowns. That is, I take the PC term > > > and turn it around on them. > > > > If you ever have occasion to use a honorific to address me, I much > > appreciate "Mrs", thank you. > >In short, address everyone by their title of choice. Personally, >I prefer "Divine God-Emperor of All the Universes." :-) > >But why is it "PC" to want to be called "Ms."? If a woman thinks it's >no concern of yours whether she's married or not, what makes it so? > > If my old lady wants to *#$@ a sheep with a dildo > strapped to her chin, that is primarily her concern, > very secondarily mine, and not yours at all! > --the Kid, _Dhalgren_ by Samuel R. Delaney
I somewhy has a hard time envisaging the sheep agreeing with that ... Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Broadband? Dial-up? Get reliable MSN Internet Access.